Special thanks goes to Trent College for the use of these figures.

Sept 21st 1914 - Enlisted in 1st platoon 2/7 Battalion, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Rifles.  'The Sherwood Foresters,' previously known as 'the Robin Hood Rifles.' (Apart from the fact - that this was the 'local' regiment Ball may, when a member of the Trent College O.T.C., have been among the parties which made use of the 'Robin Hood's' shooting range.)

Jan 1st 1915 - Joined the North Midlands Divisional Cyclists' Company.

June 1915 sent on a course at Perivale, Middlesex, four miles south of the airfield at Hendon. 
Began flying lessons.

August 1915 - returned to Cyclists' unit, now at St Albans, twenty miles from Hendon. Continued flying lessons

October 15th 1915 - received 'ticket', Royal Aero Club certificate no.1898.

October 23rd 1915 - joined No.9 Reserve Squadron, Moushold Heath, Norwich, for flying training.

Jan 29th 1916 - joined no.22 Squadron , Gosport, Hampshire.

Feb 18th 1916 - Royal Flying Corps depot St Omer, before joining no.13 squadron at Marieux

May 7th 1916 - transferred to 11 squadron.

July 17th - transferred to 8 Squadron for 'a rest.'

August 14th 1916 - Joined 60 squadron at Izel- Le Hameu

Oct 4th - left for home leave.

October 18th 1916 - 34 squadron, Orfordness

November 7th - RFC School of Aerial Gunnery, Hythe

January 2nd 1917 - 7 Wing RFC, Kings Lynn

February 26th 1917 - 56 Squadron, London Colney, Hertfordshire.

April 7th 1917 - 56 squadron arrive at Vert Galand.

May 7th 1917 - Ball's aircraft crashes at Annouellin.

May 9th 1917 - Captain Albert Ball, 56 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps, buried with military honours at Annouellin